Tree of Nativity

Birthday of the Divine Child, the King of the Waxing Year - December 23rd

First vowel of the Ogham alphabet - Ailm


Planet: Mars

Element: air, fire

Stone: Emerald

Symbolism: Birth, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Fortune, Love

Birds: Crow, Jackdaw, Raven

Colors: Black

Deity: Artemis, Ariadne, Rhea, Cybele, Druantia, Erigone, Dionysus, Bacchus, Merlin, Pan. Attis

Runes: Ken, K

Folk Names: Windmill Palm, Blume (dragon's blood)


Magickal Properties

Attracting prosperity, purifying ritual areas and new homes, helping "stay the course" during difficult times.

A pine wand or pine cone kept on the altar wards off evil influences. Carry pine cones to increase fertility and have a vigorous old age. Floor washes with pine oil cleanse a space of negativity and ward off illness. Throw pine needles into winter fires for protection, or burn pine incense for purification and divination. Place pine branches over the bed to keep sickness away, or to aid the ill. Hang a pine branch over the main door of your house to ensure continuous joy within. 


Medicinal Properties

It is an antiseptic, expectorant, and tonic. An infusion of the pine needles makes an inhalant for relieving congestion. Pine needle tea can aid with healing bladder, urinary tract, and kidney problems. The needles and shoots are rich in Vitamin A and C.  Use the cones and needles in a bath for breathing disorders, skin complaints, and rheumatic pain. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, deodorant, and diuretic properties.

Meditate with Pine to help alleviate your dark moods. 

It is also good if you suffer from guilt, and if you have a hard time being satisfied with your achievements.

A renewal of energy can be obtained by sitting under a pine.



The pine tree seems to listen, the fir tree to wait: and both without impatience: 

- they give no thought to the little people beneath them devoured by their impatience and their curiosity.
- Friedrich Nietzsche, The Wanderer and His Shadow, # 176. 



Blessing Spell


Gather needles and cones. 

Tie a small bundle of needles together 

with thread and burn them in your cauldron. 

Pass the cones through the smoke 

and then place them in a location 

where you will see them frequently 

and be reminded of your blessings.


Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes



The Great Goddess



With the rise of Christianity and Patriarchy, devotion to the Goddess could not be completely converted. 

The deep Love for Her was resurrected in the hearts of many through Mary, 

the christian version of The GreenMan.
She is the Divine Feminine, Life-Giver, the Great Goddess, Lady of Light, the Mother of God. 
Through Her, the Divine Feminine persisted, survived, and thrived. 



Green Man Tree Oracle



Amongst the junipers and pines,
On a dusty red rock gardened slope,
Where the billions of natures' creatures and I sit;
There, in the pristine silence, I hear all.

I see the bustle of a universe and its creatures
Hithertofore unnoticed by human eye,
Scampering about in a world of their own,
Graciously oblivious to all but the timbers and the slope.

I hear the breath of nature;
Mother Earth inhaling and exhaling her love
For all life;
Her wind whispering in my ear.
Attuned to the echo of the Universe,
Its rhythmic hum pulsating through my being,
I too become one with its vibration,
I am still

I feel the peace of heaven on this earth
I see that we are all one with another
All intertwined in the fabric of life.
On this slope amongst the junipers and pines.
I know God~Goddess
Robert J. Schout

"It is more difficult to win love than to wrap salt in pine needles"  ~ancient Chinese wisdom


Tree Magick

by Gillian Kemp


Sunshine and happiness, 

destined to fill your days, 

may begin with a celebration. 

The evergreen Pine, a

lways decorated at this time of year, 

anticipates Spring. 

News or a meeting will be as equally bright 

as the Yule Log's pure-white flame 

that represents eternal life. 

A new start is imminent and 

misunderstandings are resolved, 

signified by the purifying sap of the tree, 

which smells of fresh new life. 

You may expect permanence in love, 

as the evergreen needles appear in pairs. 

Even in old age the tree is green and vital, 

indicating long life and 

undiminished marriage bliss. 

Strength is on your side, 

represented by pine cones.




from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


From its lofty position above the tops of most other trees, the pine reminded ancient peoples of the importance of taking the overview, encouraging objectivity and farsightedness. We are advised to cleanse ourselves of negativity, neither dwelling on mistakes nor apportioning blame. Pine is a symbol of the elevated mind and the birth of the spiritual warrior.



Das Baum Tarot



The Pine Fairy 

is and ancient spirit indeed, for pines are conifers and are among the oldest of plants, flourishing just after the glacial period and before the advent of broad-leaved trees. Scots pine is the only tree from northern Europe to have survived the Ice Age. Clumps of pine are believed to act as ley-line markers.


Pine is associated with Attis, love of  the goddess Cybele.  When he was unfaithful, she changed him into a pine tree. Her son, Zeus, seeing her regret decreed that the pine should stay green throughout the year as a consolation. Attis is one form of the dying and resurrecting god of Nature, giving pine (despite its evergreen status) a strong link with the cycles of living. The pine fairy may be solitary and a little melancholy, but he has a healing presence and can banish negativity. The pine fairy has seen so many things come and go, and one of the things he likes to see gone is your lack of confidence! The wind in the pines is blowing up a new future that can help you leave your mistakes behind, for the past really is the past.


Yes this at least I find is surely mine

After a long hard journey and mighty cities seen

The pure sweet scent of a southern long-leafed pine

Into my nostrils breathed, soft rich and clean.

~John Gould Fletcher


Pray Peace



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