Fraxinus americana
The World Tree; Tree of Life
Third month of the Celtic Tree calendar, February 18th - March 17th
Third consonant of the Ogham alphabet


NION or NUIN (Nee-Arn) - N - ASH
This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki at the start of a manifestation treatment
to connect to the energy required for the treatment.


Planet: The Sun and Neptune

Element: Water, Fire

Symbolism: Mastership and Power

Stone: Turquoise, Lepidolite (Increase psychic awareness)

Birds: Common Snipe

Color: White, pale Blue

Deity: Eostre, Frigg, Hel/Holle, Minerva, Nemesis, Odin, Nemesis, Poseidon, Neptune

Folk Name: Hoop Ash, Nion - (a rune name from the Irish Gaelic word Nionon which means heaven.)


ASH european


Medicinal properties

Ash bark can make an infusion that is a mild laxative and diuretic. The rood bark is the most potent with astringent properties, and was used to treat liver diseases and arthritic rheumatism.  Other uses include reduce fever, treat kidney and urinary infections, expel intestinal parasites, and treating malaria.


Magickal properties

The leaves attract love and prosperity. Burn Ash wood at Yule to receive prosperity. Sleep with them under your pillow and you will have psychic/prophetic dreams. Sleep with them in a bowl of water next to your bed to prevent illness. Wearing garters of green ash bark protects against the powers of magicians. Ash can heal children just by passing the child through a split in the tree's trunk. It promotes strength, harmony, and a sense of being in tune with your surroundings.   In an ancient Greek creation story, humans were formed from Ash and Oak trees. 


Ash wood was used for the traditional handle of the besom broom.  Druid wands were often made of ash because of its straight grain, and the poles of witches' brooms were often made of ash and was representative of protection and strength. Ash wands are good for healing, general and solar magic. Ash Tree attracts lightening, so don't stand under one during an electric storm. 

Greek mythographer Hesiod claimed the first man was born from the ash tree. This became the custom of planting an ash tree at the birth of each baby. The state of the tree served as an indicator of that person's health and strength.

Ash is the key to healing the loneliness of the human spirit, forming a link between the gods, humans, and the dead in the spirit world.
Ash holds the key to Universal Truth and Cosmic Wisdom, and it takes on the important role as a Tree of Initiation.



The Ash tree in Norse mythology 

is seen as the world tree Yggdrasil 

or Cosmic Ash.


 As it spans the Universe 

it also roots deep into the earth.


"Know yourself and you will know the world."  


This ancient Druid phrase describes to us 

how we are linked to our world, 

and how the Ash was seen as 

spanning the world around us 

and within each of us.



Beechwood fires are bright and clear,
If the logs are kept a year.
Chestnut's only good, they say,
If for long it's laid away.
Make a fire of elder tree,
Death within your house shall be.
But ash new or ash old
Is fit for a queen with a 
crown of gold.

Birch and fir logs burn too fast,
Blaze up bright and do not last.
It is by the Irish said,
Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread.
Elm wood burns like
churchyard mold,
E'en the flames are cold.
But ash green or ash brown
Is fit for a queen with a
golden crown.

Poplar gives a bitter smoke,
Fills your eyes and makes you choke.
Applewood will scent your room
With an incense-like perfume.
Oaken logs if dry and old,
Keep away the winter's cold.
But ash new or ash old
Is fit for a queen with
a crown of gold.

The Green Man Tree Oracle
by John Matthews and Will Worthington


Strength comes in many forms and is often wrongly confused with power. It can also allude to endurance, the ability to survive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. One of the most powerful characteristics of humanity, strength endlessly represents itself in the darker pages of our history, and is often exhibited in the desire to protect a piece of land, or to die for the needs of one's country. Such feelings arise from a sense of rootedness, of belonging to a particular place. Inner strength, the gift of a spiritual presence within each individual, also lends itself to the imagery of the tree, whose life-giving sap courses through it like blood, drawing on the energy of the earth to give it the strength to grow. Growth itself is another aspect of strength, since without inner resources we may cease to grow and may find ourselves increasingly weakened. Whatever you may be looking for, Ash instructs you to consult your roots and to be sure of your inner direction before you act.

The dual powers of the ash are its strength and its rootedness in wisdom.

The Green Man Tree Oracle

Ash, Oak and Hawthorn make up the triad of powerful faery trees. If you stand in the shadow of an Ash, the fae will leave you alone. Put Ash berries in a baby's crib and the fae will not steal it and leave a changeling in its place.

Ash Buds

The spiral buds of the ash are linked to the spiral of life.



by Ellen Dugan

Ash is a healing tree, so two ash twigs may be fashioned into a solar amulet, and the solar energies used to help fight off the wintertime blues. Create this amulet on a nice, sunny day. Take two small ash twigs about six inches in length, and tie them together into an equal-armed cross (also known as the solar cross.) Fasten a gold ribbon at the center of the twigs, and knot the ribbon three times, saying:

By the powers of the ash tree, herb magic, and the sun,
Do as I will, bringing harm to none.

Then hold the amulet up to the sunshine, and bless it with the following charm to ward off the winter blues and to encourage healing:

I take two ash twigs, and tie a ribbon round,
A simple solar amulet I have bound.
Bring sunshine to my life and guard me, I pray.
Keeping those wintertime blues far, far away.

You can Hang this amulet in a prominent location in your home, or tuck it into your locker or desk at work. This amulet would also be easy to adapt to a pocket charm, if you keep the twigs about two inches in length. Now, you have yourself a little portable solar amulet.



Tree Magick 

by Gillian Kemp


A Tree of Life. 

You are strong enough to stand alone 

and triumph over difficulties 

like the rugged Ash 

tolerating nothing poisonous 

within its strongly branched shadow. 

The medicinal sap within its buds and bark 

show that you have the power 

to easily remedy a situation. 

You firmly cling to what you know is right, 

just as the dense, fibrous roots of the Ash 

grasp the earth that  holds them. 

You are safe from harm in the same way 

that when the Ash is cut down, 

it revives easily and springs up 

as a young sapling. 

You may soon be spreading your wings 

and taking flight to new pastures, 

like the winged Ash seeds carried 

by the winds of Fall.


Tree Magick by Gillian Kemp



from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


Through their understanding of Universal Order and their appreciation of their own unique role in it, the Celts discovered a deep sense of belonging and a purpose for their existence. Our modern and hectic daily life is usually far removed from the cycles and forces of the natural world, and it can often seen empty of any real purpose. The ash is a key to healing the loneliness of the human spirit out of touch with its origins - it can provide a sense of being grounded and of belonging. The ash reminded the Celts of the interlinking of the Three Cycles of Being. Likewise we are encouraged to consider the role of the past in creating the present, so that we can better appreciate the many ways in which positive thought and action today can help to create a brighter tomorrow. Through a constant process of balancing and marrying opposites, we, like the ash, can achieve harmony within ourselves.



Three of the Five great trees of Ireland were Ash: 


the Tree of Uisnech, 

the Tree of Tortu, 

and the Tree of Dathi. 


The Five trees were located in each of the five provinces and symbolized the guardians who protected the sovereignty of the land. They were destroyed in 665 CE by the Celts themselves, rather than surrendered to the encroaching Christians.

Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes


19th Century England and France: 

If a person had fever or toothache, they buried their finger-nail and toe-nail clippings under an Ash tree because they believed it would help cure the ailment.




The Great Goddess



Óđinn and Sága drink from golden cups. Art by Jenny Nyström.

Óđinn and Sága drink from golden cups. Art by Jenny Nyström.


Saga is a student of the Universe, her name means "seeress" in Scandinavian, and it is also connected to the word "story" in Nordic.  She is very closely associated with the Goddess Frigg, some say she was her attendant, and some say she was Frigg herself. Her message encourages the value of observation, artistic expression, psychic ability, and sensitivity to others. Try to spend some time observing... really looking around at everything, even the little things. Then write in your journal. 

Remember Saga, for she lives in your words, your memories, your thoughts. 

She is your muse.


OGHAM The Celtic Oracle
by Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott

The ash tree represents the world tree or axis mundi as it is known in Latin. It has roots deep in the earth and its branches reach upwards to the heavens. It thus represents the connection between the three worlds of the underworld, middle earth, and the spiritual realm. It is also taken to represent the integration of past, present and future.

You are connected to the web of life and your every thought and action reverberates on that web affecting your reality. It is important to integrate spiritual lessons into your physical life so that you "walk your talk." You may face adversity but have the strength and wisdom to overcome any situation provided you draw on all your resources. THey key-like fruit of the ash signifies the unlocking of doors to new knowledge that are hidden within you, so when the going gets tough, look inside for the answers and solutions you seek. Stand firm in your beliefs and stay in the eye of the storm rather than being drawn in to the conflicts of others.

OGHAM The Celtic Tree Calendar


The Fairy Bible

by Teresa Moorey


The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey


The Ash Fairy is androgynous and ambiguous, carrying great mysticism and power and making many connections: between this world and the Otherworld, between masculine and feminine, and between differing ideas. The ash fairy understands that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they were created.

The most famous ash was the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, on which Odin hung, to receive the wisdom of the runes. Thus ash possesses indescribable knowledge - things we cannot really know in our heads and can only reach through expansion of consciousness. Ash fairy may bring the gift of poetry, which has the power to evoke  ideas and associations that elude the conscious mind. Ash is associated with communications of all sorts. Witches were believed to fly on ash-handled broomsticks, while Viking ships were made of ash. Many ancient cultures believed that humans originated within the ash - for instance, souls were born in the branches of Yggdrasil. The goddess Nemesis carried an ash branch. And so ash fairy teaches balance, and unity in diversity. It takes an open mind and breadth of soul to travel in the Otherworld!


The Faces of WomanSpirit

A Celtic Oracle of Avalon

by Katherine Torres, Ph.D.


Ash, seeker of Spirit

teach me to make holy my journey.

Help me move past Illusion.

Lead me to my heart -

The place of Magic.


This Moon Mother Ash calls you to awaken hidden realities and find the Divine Mother. In a measureless expanse of consciousness you will find the tomb of the Great Goddess. You are beckoned to discover it and your own goddess reflection as you ride the mysteries of this Moon Mother.


From the light of Ash the path of return opens to the memory of your divine feminine self. Ancient wisdom is revealed. Ritual is enacted. Re-membering your goddess self occurs. Service to the Great Goddess is lived and magic returns to your life.


The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon by Katherine Torres PhD



Celtic Moon sign - Ash Moon


The ash tree is famous, although anonymous, since it's the tree from which the Hanged Man is suspended in tarot decks. The roots of the ash penetrate deeply into the earth, and the tree itself is known for its speed of growth. Its energy, then, also builds quickly, but is dispersed just as fast. Born under this sign, you have a "knowing" of the connection between ourselves, our planet, and our universe. You feel the pain and joy of all other creatures, from trees to animals to those humans less fortunate than yourself. This lends a compassion to your personality that's incomparable.

Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, and Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2000


This is a good month to do magic that focuses on the inner self. Associated with ocean rituals, magical potency, prophetic dreams and spiritual journeys, the Ash can be used for making magical (and mundane) tools -- these are said to be more productive than tools made from other wood. Love spells and loved ones should be foremost in our minds in early spring.


Born under this sign are those who have a knowing of the connection between ourselves, our planet, and our universe. You feel the pain and joys of all living creatures, which makes you most compassionate.  Other traits: Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egoistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over heart, but takes partnership very serious.


The Ash tree has deeply penetrating roots and sours the soil, making it difficult for other vegetation to grow beneath it. Its twigs are thick and strong. In Norse mythology, this tree spans the universe - its roots in hell, its branches supporting the heavens and with Earth at its centre. In Celtic cosmology in particular it connects the three circles of existence - past, present and future, or as confusion, balance, and creative force; there being no fell, but only continual rebirth as passage is made from circle to circle until the Land of the Blessed is finally reached.


Also, the Ash can be seen as spanning both microcosm and macrocosm, the little world and the great world. In this interpretation, man and Earthly things are reflections in miniature of the universe, the cosmos being reflected in us, and thus expressing the meaning of the old expression:

as above, so below.





by Liz and Colin Murray


The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray



I breathe Life easily. I speak my truth. I am protected. I am at one with the Universe.


I honor the energy of ash, the magician's staff.

I will recognize that "as above, so below," I play a part in the larger scheme of things.

I will link my inner and outer worlds.

So mote it be



Pray Peace



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