Trifolium pratense


Planet: Mercury


Element: Air


Deity: Rowen


Folk Names: Wild Clover, Red Clover, Honey, Honeystalks, Shamrock, Three-Leaved Grass, Trefoil, Trifoil


Medicinal properties: Diuretic, Expectorant, Antibacterial, Lower Blood Pressure, 


Magickal properties: Love, Fidelity, Success, Exorcism, Protection


White Clover is worn or scattered around to work against hexes. It also produces more four-leaved clovers than Red does.

Red Clover can be added to the bath water to aid you in dealing with financial arrangements. I

ts infusion is used in lust potions, and to remove negative spirits.



"The bees in the clover are making honey,
& I am making my hay:
The air is fresh, I seem to draw
a young man's breath today."

-John James Piatt (1835-1917)




If you find a TWO leaved clover, you shall soon also find a lover.

Wear a THREE leaved Trefoil as a protective Amulet.

A FOUR leaved clover, if worn:

helps men avoid military service,

protects against madness,

strengthens psychic powers,

enables you to detect the presence of spirits,

leads the wearer to gold, money, or treasures.

Wear one in your shoe and you will meet a rich new love.

If two people eat a four leaved clover together they will fall in love.


A FIVE leaved clover is especially powerful, and should be worn to attract money.



Growing up on the farm...


Clover that grows on your property will keep the snakes away.


It is intentionally planted along with grasses to enrich pastures for cattle, horses, sheep, or goats. 


It is also cultivated in poor soil during crop rotations, as clovers help set nitrogen.


A season of clover dominance will improve commercial crops in years to follow. 


A beneficial bacteria, Rhizobium trifolii, lives in symbiosis with white clover. 

This "nodule bacteria" takes in atmospheric nitrogen which is what becomes fixed into the soil. 


Clovers tend to thin out when soil becomes richest, but moves in to improve soils that have become depleted.


As children we would eat the flowers before they opened. 

The younger they were the better they tasted. 

We would also wrap the stem around itself and use it to shoot the flower great distances. 




The Great Goddess




She is an Egyptian Goddess who's name means "green one." 

Her powers include the earth's regenerative forces and her form is often depicted as a snake, 

emphasizing the transformation and renewal of herself and our beautiful earth's vegetation. 

She draws  upon the essence of creation so that we can benefit from her energy to assist in the restoration of our planet.



"One leaf is for hope, & one is for faith,
And one is for love, you know,
And God put another in for luck,
If you search, you will find where they grow."
~ Ella Higginson (1861-1940)


If you find a four-leaf clover, say the following chant while touching each leaf in turn:

“One leaf for fame,
One leaf for wealth,
One for a faithfully lover,
One for glorious health;
All in this four-leafed clover.”

When you’ve finished the chant, twirl the clover between two fingers of your right hand 

and make a wish for one of the four things the clover holds for you.
the storybook of Wishing: Shooting Stars, Four-Leaf Clovers and Other Wonders to Wish Upon by Gloria T.Delamar




Fields of clover are believed to attract fairies. A four-leaf clover is said to provide protection against the fae, and to be able to break fairy spells and glamors. Wearing a four-leaf clover in your hat supposedly grants you the power to see invisible fairies, as does anointing yourself with an ointment made from four-leaf clover, or carrying a charm made of seven grains of wheat and a four-leaf clover.



Pray Peace




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