by Gwendolyn


I have found Tarot to be an amazing way to tap into our inner knowledge. 

By using the cards I realized that I could gain insight into a situation, 

and I was able to receive guidance that I was not strong enough to give myself. 

Tarot has provided me with inspiration to move forward with my dreams.


If you are interested in learning more about Tarot:

I will soon be offering an online course in tarot basics, to get you started. 

Check back soon or email me - gwendolyn @ thegoddesstree .com for more info.

If you live in Northern Virginia, check out our NoVa Practical Tarot Meetup Group


I highly recommend a reading from: Enchanted Planet


If you are interested in an online reading from me:

Choose a deck

Choose a Spread

Make your paypal payment

Email me: Your name, email address, date of birth, sex, 

and describe your question, concern, problem in only as much detail as you wish to share, 

and tell me which deck and spread you chose. 

Send to gwendolyn@thegoddesstree.com 

I will respond as soon as I receive your email and paypal payment. 

Your reading will arrive within 48 hours upon receipt.


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Choose a deck



by Gillian Kemp

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by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble

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written by Riccardo Minetti, artwork by Mara Aghem


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by Isha Lerner, Mara Friedman, and Vicki Noble

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Choose a spread:

 3 card spread $7.00


Past, Present, Future

Body, Mind, Spirit



4-7 card spread (for general question/answers) $14.00

Daily Spread

The Six Stars

Tree of Destiny Spread

The Five answers spread

8-13 card spread (for more in depth specific questions/problems) $21.00


Celtic Cross Spread

Treetop Answer Spread

Motherpeace Spread

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A few notes to my potential client:


Part of my dream is to offer this service to those who are interested in Tarot. 

Please feel free to email me - gwendolyn@thegoddesstree.com - if you have any questions.

I am not qualified to advise in areas of health, money, legal matters, or psychological disorders. Concerns like these may require you to seek professional help. My readings are intended to provide clarity and personal insight, to help you see what choices you may claim for your circumstance and your future.


Pray Peace

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