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The Sisters in The Goddess Tree Coventry of the Feminine Divine, Sisterhood of the Silver Star, Circle of the Silver Hive and her Sister Hives value this Tradition:

"An ye harm none, do as ye will."

We are Priestesses of the Old Religion and learn the ancient ways to create an environment where all can experience, learn, grow, speak, and change openly in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.

We cherish and respect the natural environment and it's creatures, and work to protect and heal them.

We respect and celebrate the light and darkness, and all halves which make a whole.

We consider that each of us has a responsibility to grow in the wisdom, love and power of the Goddess, and continually learn, heal, and become stronger.  We also have a responsibility to share our skills and insights with others, and to serve as healers within our community and beyond it.

To accomplish our work, we rely on effort in both the mundane world and the realms of spirit.  Every ordinary act should be performed in a mindful and spiritual way, and no rite of magick is complete until we have acted in accord.

We celebrate the Wheel of the Year and the Cycles of the Moon, and the Seasons and Cycles of our lives as well.

We accept the responsibility of our actions and our own choices.

We honor the well-being, needs, and free will of every member.

We take our spiritual path very seriously, yet strive not to take our egos too seriously.

We are Priestesses of the Old Religion, Craft of the Wise and practice the Ancient Ways . 
We are the Wise Women.

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