Sisters in The Goddess Tree

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Mission Statement



Goddess Teachings
Mission Statement
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Pray Peace



Statement of Purpose:  

An Ye Harm None, Do as Ye will

To honor our Mother Earth and all Her life forms

To send out healing energies and prayers for those in need

To support one another within the school in our healing, growth, and aspirations




Membership comes with joining and paying tuition for our Goddess School

within the Sisters of The Goddess Tree


All Members must be born female and be over the age of 18 years


Members must remain active in the school by

turning in at least one lesson a month during Level I


Gatherings are for members only to protect our privacy and safety,

unless it has been announced as an open function


Membership is extended to The Sisterhood of the Silver Star and her Sister Hives for Gatherings and chat boards.


Privacy Notice  

All personal information collected by The Goddess Tree will remain confidential 

and will never be shared without permission from the individual.