Feminine strength
The number nine
Goats and Horses
Purple, Red and Orange 






You are the one who has protected me, making sure no harm came to me, while showing justice to all who came near to harm me. I have felt your presence.

You are an Orisha with many sisters. 

Some say you were the goddess of the sea,  but tricked into trading it for the cemetery by Yemaya. 

Others say you are the Goddess of Storms, the Goddess of Change, 

or the Goddess of Weather. 


You are the Goddess who helps the dead transition to the after life. 

You clear the way for new growth. 

You are beautiful, strong, radiant, full of life, dancing and twirling. 

Goddess of the Dark Moon, keeper of the Winds and Tornadoes. 

I know you’ve been with me all of my life.

I can see you all around me when I look past, present and future.

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A Ritual for Oya

by Gwendolyn,

Adapted from 365 Goddess

by Patricia Telesco. 



To invoke equity and justice

Small Candle
Carving tool
Small bowl of water
Source of fire

Cast circle




Carve Oya’s name into the candle
Light the candle to invoke Oya
Hold the water over the candle

Chant:  What injustice consumes, Oya’s waters quell

Drop a little water on the candle and watch the flame distinguish
Trim the taper, and carry it with you as a charm to draw justice to you.

Thank you Oya for your guidance through the changes in my life. 
And thank you for holding me during the difficult times.

My circle is open, yet unbroken.




365 Goddess, Patricia Telesco
OYA IFA and the Spirit of the Wind, Awo FaLokun Fatunmbi
Santeria: The Religion, Migene Gonzalez-Wippler




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Pray Peace




clay sculpture by Gwendolyn


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