A Goddess Dedication
By: Chrissy Treeflyer
Initiate, Sisters in the Goddess Tree


No one knows where Hecate’s true origins are found.  Some believe her to be a primordial Goddess daughter to Nyx, Ancient Night (4.Demetera George); others believe she is the daughter of Asteria and Perses.  The one thing agreed on is her being a Pre-Olympian Chthonic goddess.  She is believed to have stood with the Olympians against the Titans.  After the Titans were overthrown by the Olympians, Hecate maintained her powers over Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. 
Hecate has been depicted as a threefold lunar Goddess and the equivalent to the Roman Trivia.  In this form she has been associated as the Maiden/Mother/Crone and has been depicted with Persephone/Demeter, Selene, Diana/Artemis fulfilling the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.  It is also believed that she is all three by herself.

Her abilities make her a patroness too many different people.  She has been a goddess patronized by midwives, a goddess of sorcery contributed with the abilities of herbal potions, divination, spell casting and other attributes associated with witchcraft.  Hecate has also been invoked to provide protection against evil spirits.  Her abilities are also to help transport/guide spirits and keep them from harming others or being harmed.   She was often invoked at night whether it was for a safe journey somewhere or just to have a safe night. People would leave offerings to her on their doorsteps or at crossroads. 

Festivals and Places of worship:  In Greece two days were sacred and festivals held August 13 and November 30, Romans observed the 29th of every month (1).    December 31  Hekate’s Day (6) (7. Wikipedia). Hecate was also worshipped in Thrace.  Her most important temple was in Lagina. One of the major sacred sites of ancient Anatolia.  Today Lagina is a small town in southwestern Turkey called Turgut. Until recently the town was called Leyne.  (1. Jade So luna, 2 Gary R Varner).  She was also a part of the Eleusinian mysteries.    A modern festival the rite of her sacred fires is performed on the full moon of the month of May (7).

Other names associated/attributed to Hecate: Chthonian (Earth/Underworld goddess), Crataeis (the Mighty One),  Endoia (Goddess of the Paths), Antania (Enemy of Mankind) Kurotrophos (Nurse of the Children and Protectress of mankind), Artemis of the Crossroads, Propylaia (the one before the gate), Proplos (the attendant who leads) Phosphoros (the light bringer) Soteira (“Saviour”), Prytania (invincible Queen of the Dead), Trioditis (gr.) Trivia (latin: Goddess of Three Roads),   Queen of the Crossroads, Queen of Witches, Patroness of the Priestess, Patroness of the Witch


Elemental: Earth

Moon Phase: Dark Moon

Plants/herbs: yew, cypress hazel, black poplar, cedar, willow, garlic, thyme, almonds, myrrh, mugwort, mint, dandelion, cardamom, hellbore, belladonna, hemlock, mandrake, hecateis (aconite, wolfsbane) opium poppy, verbena, sage, purple honeysuckle, camomile.

Animals: Wild Animals(4), Black dogs, ravens, night owls, donkeys, bats, horses, bears, lions, snakes, dragons, cats(possibly)

Emblems:  Torch, Keys, Rope, knife, flowers, pomegranate, phial

Color Association:  Purple, Black, Grey, White, Silver, (5)

Wheel of the Year Association: Yule, Imbolc, Samhain,  (5)

Attributes:  : Abundance Agriculture, Animals, (4) Arts& Crafts, Magickal Brewing, Cemeteries, Childbirth, Midwives/Birth, Children, Clarity, Communication, Contracts, Creation, Creativity, Crossroads, Darkness, Death, Decisions, Destruction, Diplomacy, Disaster, Discipline, Disease/Illness, Divination, Dreams, Enchantments, Exorcism, Fate, Fear, Fertility, Forgiveness, Freedom, Friendships, Gates, Cave Portals and Doorways, Grief/Sadness, Healing, Mental health, Hearth & home, Heaven, Herbs, Hunting, Illusions, Independence, Judgment, Longevity, Magick Dark, Magick Lunar, Magickal Arts, Motherhood, Mysteries, Nature, Night, Obstacles to remove, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Purification, Reincarnation, Regeneration, Renewing, Rituals & Ceremonies, Sciences & Alchemy, Seasons, Shape shifting,  Sisterhood, Sky, Sorceress, Spell casting, Thievery, Time, Transformation, Travel, Truth,  The Underworld, Vengeance, War and Battle, Wealth, Weather, Weapons, Wisdom, Witchcraft.

Chrissy Treeflyer
Original Artwork by: Chrissy Treeflyer

A Ritual to the Goddess Hecate, for following your own path
by Chrissy Treeflyer

This should be done during the dark phase of the moon.

Items needed:
Candles: One (1) Purple, One (1) Black, One (1) Silver, One (1) White. 
These will be used for calling the corners. 
One (1) Grey for the center
Mugwart herb

Take a quite bath with a sachet of mint and chamomile. Or you can burn incense instead of putting anything in the water.

Call in directions/Cast circle

Lighting the candles in order purple, black, silver, white, and then the gray say the below invocation:

Goddess Hecate, please help to guide my connection
Goddess Hecate, please help to dispel my fear and self doubt
Goddess Hecate, please help me to understand my dreams and build my intuition.
I ask for your help in guiding my journey, so I may grow to the witch I’m supposed to be
So mote it be

Meditate and feel the energies working
Thank the directions and close the circle

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Initiate, Sisters in The Goddess Tree

October 2012

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