I am Cerridwen, keeper of the Cauldron, Goddess of Renewal, Lady of Transformation, Mother of Inspiration. My Cauldron is the Womb of Life Itself. It is the Cauldron of Wisdom, Inspiration, Rebirth, and Transformation. Its brew is an undeniably powerful source of primal wisdom. Drink, embrace death in its many forms, and learn the secrets of immortality. 





365 Goddess  

by Patricia Telesco


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Cerridwen is the Great Celtic Goddess of inspiration, intelligence, knowledge. 

She is invoked as a law-giver, sage-dispenser, for her righteous wisdom, council and justice. 

She is a Dark Goddess of Great Wisdom, a Goddess of Dark Prophetic Powers, A Moon Goddess. 

Her Cauldron is a primary female symbol, representing the womb of the great Goddess 

from which all things are born and reborn. 


sketch by Gwendolyn 2007


Essences: Vanilla, Almond, Oriental Lily, Bergamot 

Gemstones: Carnelian, Coral, Agate, Brown Jasper, Aquamarine, any orange stone

Symbol: Cauldron, Corn

Animal: Sow, Black Raven



People of Wales worshiped her. She lived on an island in Lake Tegid, named after her husband.


She had a beautiful daughter Creidwy, and an ugly son Afagdu.  For her son she made a great potion of six herbs which she simmered in her Cauldron for a year and a day.  She had hired a mortal named Gwion to watch the potion.  He ended up drinking a bit of it and so taking all of the powers of the potion for himself.  She was angry that she chased him and caught him, swallowed him and bore a son nine months later.  He grew up to be a great poet Taliesin. 


When Cerridwen the Goddess of Death and Rebirth appears, her message is one of transformation. 

Something is changing in your life, something needs to die... so that it can be reborn in another form. 

Do not fear the change. Ask Cerridwen to help guide you through your transition of letting go of the old so that you can grasp the new. Try to keep in mind that there is really nothing to fear. 

In the Goddess tradition, we create from that which already exists, 

so nothing really ever dies... it simply transforms from the old to the new. 

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