Gwendolyn, at her birth beach 2005




Inside every woman is 

a Goddess of Wisdom,

deeply connected

to the phases of the moon,

to the heart of the earth,

and to the tides of the sea.


All we to remember.



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We are all made 

of the same stuff.

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I vow to love

and respect myself,

to forgive myself,

and to take care of myself.


When I am feeling down,

I will find gratitude

and thank the Goddess,

and then I will realize

that she is me.


Surrounding myself

in white light will

remind me of the best gift

I could give to myself:

self love and respect.


Within myself

is the first place

that I will always

be able to find love.


Cerridwen (dancing goddess dolls) on The Goddess Tree Altar


Life is a circle

ever turning

ever changing.


As it is with the wheel

it is with all of life

including me

and everything

and everyone.


Be kind 

not only to others, 

but to yourself.

Stay true to your path.

Live your truth.


Remember what is really important...



The Four Agreements

~by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. Be Impeccable 

With Your Word


2. Don't Take Anything 


3. Don't Make 


4. Always Do 

Your Best

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Let your earthbound spirit soar...



I am so glad

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Welcome to

The Goddess Tree

wood burned by Gwendolyn

There is a branch for you to sit upon with a beautiful view.

Climb up into her arms, and stay for a spell.

Feel her roots, her bark, her branches, her leaves.

She is shade, shelter, a home, a hide-away.

She is an escape.

She rocks you to sleep in your hammock.

She holds up your birdfeeder and your wind chimes.

She embraces anyone who loves to climb.

In the spring she offers life, and in the fall she gives her own.

                                                                     She does not judge.

She just is.

Gwendolyn, 2007

Once I could see her I noticed she was everywhere, in everything and everyone.

She has a balance and symmetry to her that I find comforting, 

and many levels of uniqueness to keep her interesting.   

In and around her I see patterns, textures, and depth,  and a web that holds us all together.

It all makes perfect sense when I look at her.

There is calmness. I am her. I trust her. She is beautiful.


The Goddess is Alive


It was not difficult to hear and understand her messages, once I became open to listening. The difficult part was taking the responsibility back, knowing now that I create my reality. I have the power (and the right) to choose how I perceive and react to the world.

The Crone, she stands there calling my name, motioning for me to come closer. 

She is laughing. I already can sense her wisdom. 

We both know I am close. I am preparing as I make the trip towards her.

There are things I still need to get rid of, 

so that I can remember how it was when I was a child.

My adult worries need to go away - so that I can arrive at her crossroads, 

ready to be with her, and ready to Be Her. 

She used to frighten me, but now I see myself walking towards her.

I will anticipate her embrace. That is my choice.


In Her eyes, I see Gentle Strength.
I have the strength to be gentle and kind.

I have the strength to let others believe what they will, and to accept them for who they are.

I have the strength to be who I am, unafraid, trusting myself and my inner voice.

Because of my strength I am trusted, cared for, and I have love.

I have what I need because of my strength

Roots, near Gwendolyn's home


I went to the tree and lied down in-between her roots. 

I slept for a while until I felt my flesh melt away into the earth. 

Down I melted, deep into her soil, and I spread out all around the tree and into the surrounding area.  I went deeper and deeper, and it was dark and cold. 

After a while I felt a warm light calling me upwards. 

I felt myself drawn to it, so I followed up, up, up. 

Quite some time passed, but I knew I was on a journey. I kept traveling up and up. 

When I could see there was light I unfolded myself and felt a re-birth within me. 

I realized I was a leaf that had just opened at the end of a branch of a tall tree. 

I could feel the sun helping me along my journey, and as I looked around I could see 

my sisters unfolding next to me as leaves on the same tree. 


This space was created to honor the Goddess 

and to encourage and assist all women in finding their inner beauty and power.


We are all healers.


The courses offered provide us all with the tools to remember 

who we are and that we are powerful, magickal,

and strong Goddess Women.


I know these lessons helped me establish an inner peace, 

in realizing my self as maiden, mother, crone, as a Goddess.


I truly feel that all women possess great wisdom and power, 

and this is why I decided to pass along these teachings,

to help women realize...and remember.



moon data


Hear Me Moon


 Hear me Maiden Moon,
For your beauty and youth I swoon.
Your beams - they caress
draping my body as a dress
Together, let us run and play
down the hill
to the lake
up the tree.


Hear me Mother Moon,
My heart sings with your comforting tune.
With your beams on my face
I feel your embrace
Together, let us plant more seeds
on the hill
near the lake
another tree grows.


Hear me Grandmother Moon,
Some would say I've become quite the loon.
I've been chasing your beams
because they bring the best dreams
Together, let us dance
over the hill
in the lake
with the trees.


by Gwendolyn

January 2008

Oya, oil pastel by Gwendolyn
Moon Time

Oya came along with me as I swam and floated in the ocean.  As I floated on my back, the lady of the moon shone her beams down directly on my belly and said:


"There is more to this than you can see." 


I felt the waves and light all through me.

They swirled around my belly and it swelled with life. Everything was blue like the moon beams.

She kissed me and disappeared into the horizon, and the sun came out.

Once in a while...

take some time, pull up a branch, grab a cuppa,

and enjoy the view.


Listen to the wind...

hear the plants grow.


Be still.


Let your spirit soar like the eagle above you.

Stay until your vase is filled to the top with rain water.



World Peace begins with Inner Peace


Imagine all the people living life in peace.


Pray Peace



Merry we Meet, and Merry we Part, and Merry we Meet again.

All artwork on this site is the creative property of Gwendolyn,

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